Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    by Lisa Murray

    If you’re a new Fountain Hills homeowner, or you’re just looking to spruce up your current Fountain Hills home this spring, allow me to help you narrow down your design style! As a Fountain Hills real estate agent, I know how overwhelming it can be to decorate your home in the internet age.

    Chances are, you’re constantly saving photos from the internet of what you want your dream home to look like. However, when all is said and done, you might have photos of kitchens with white, black, light wood, dark wood and orange cabinets! So, how do you decide which style to go with?

    Here are some suggestions from a HouseLogic article, with a few of my own thrown in:

    1.  Figure out your general vibe:Look at all of your saved photos from a broad perspective. Notice some general vibes in the photos, such as reoccurring colors, tones and styles that you’re drawn to. Do you most commonly like dark or light features? What color schemes keep popping up? Do you prefer old-fashioned, traditional or modern style? Pick up on the common vibes of your saved images, and write those down, or save them to a new board or folder.
    2.  Pick out specific features from these images:If you’ve narrowed down kitchens to white kitchens, what type of cabinet style do you prefer? Do the kitchens have backsplashes? Are the floors light or dark? What material are the countertops? What style windows does the kitchen have, and what type of window treatments are included? Ask yourself these types of questions for each room of the house. Pick up on common themes, like exposed brick or crown molding.
    3.  Choose the accents for each room: Now look at the minute details of the images that you love. This could include brass hardware, raw wood dining tables, plush pillows, light fixtures, etc. You might even notice that the small accents are what you’re really drawn to, and the main features of your Fountain Hills homedon’t need to be upgraded at all! Really notice what it is about certain images that you’re drawn to the most.

    Once you’ve narrowed down your home design style and décor preferences, make sure they will go with your lifestyle. A white kitchen might not be a great fit for a family with young kids or puppies. A minimalist great room won’t work too well if you’re often entertaining. Take your lifestyle into account!

    Then, it’s time to shop around for the materials that you’re interested in incorporating into your Fountain Hills home! You should love the place that you live. Have fun with it!

    When ready to buy a Fountain Hills home, or when ready to sell your Fountain Hills home, contact me. I’m your Fountain Hills real estate agent, here and ready to help you accomplish your real estate goals this spring season!

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