Monday, January 30, 2017

    by Lisa Murray

    Are you thinking about sprucing up your Fountain Hills home this winter with some updated features? As your Fountain Hills real estate agent, allow me to fill you in on some of the projected trends for 2017.

    As usual, every source recommends a different list of trends! To help you sort through the home-trending madness, here are a few lists that stuck out to me.

    House Beautiful Magazine suggests that these are the home trends to watch for this year:

    • Smart home technology
    • Subway tiles
    • Nail head details on furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.
    • Deep jewel tones, such as emerald green or amethyst
    • ‘Cerused’ wood, which brings out the unique grain of wood
    • Marble on countertops and elsewhere
    • Matte appliances

    House Beautiful says that what is out this year is brushed metal, oversized furniture and “strictly” antique. Learn more about what they say here.

    Meanwhile, Elle Décor is saying that what is in for homes in 2017 is this:

    • Bright green (‘Greenery’ is the Pantone Color of the Year)
    • Butterflies décor
    • Mixed patterns
    • Faux finishes
    • Textures throughout the home
    • Navy blue as an accent color instead of black
    • Artisanal instead of DIY
    • Raw white décor
    • Appliances and even rooms that fold up into the ‘less is more’ approach

    To learn more about these design trends, check out Elle Décor’s article.

    Next up, let’s see what Realtor Magazine is saying will be hot for 2017:

    • Community gathering spaces within multifamily buildings and single-family residential communities
    • Taupe as the new gray in paint color
    • More playful homes, such as pizza ovens, backyard bocce courts or indoor golf stimulators
    • Naturally renewable surfaces, such as cork for walls and floors, and recycled granite, glass or even seashells for countertops
    • Surface-deep energy conservation, such as low-E window film, ceramic insulating paint and thermal energy shields in attics
    • More variety and authenticity with paint colors, layouts, building materials, etc.
    • Walkability, which could yield a higher home value

    For more details on what Realtor Magazine predicts for this year, read this.

    As you can see, there is a wide range of predictions among these three sources. With color alone, we’ve got deep jewel tones, bright green, navy blue and taupe. So, how do you decide what to go with?

    I say you go with Realtor Magazine’s prediction of “more variety and authenticity” in home décor, and you choose a color and design that you will love to live with! Your Fountain Hills home is your space, so enjoy it with what you prefer, not with what other sources recommend you use.

    When it comes time to sell your Fountain Hills home, you may need to make some alterations, so as to attract the highest number of potential buyers. We’ll cross that path when we come to it.

    If you’re ready to sell now, or you’re ready to buy a Fountain Hills home, contact me! As a Fountain Hills real estate agent, I am here and ready to help you achieve all of your real estate goals this year!

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