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    If you’re in the market for the perfect Fountain Hills home this summer, first you need to determine what the ‘perfect home’ looks like to you. Then, you must determine if you can afford that home, where you’re willing to negotiate, and what your future plans look like! As your Fountain Hills real estate agent, I am here to help guide you through the entire home-buying process, and to help you find the home of your dreams.

    Let’s look in more detail at the steps to finding your perfect home in the Fountain Hills real estate market:

    1.  Determine what perfect looks like to you. Your definition of a perfect home will differ from another buyer, so the best way to determine what you’re looking for is to write it all down. Whether you’re buying up, or this is your first home purchase, it’s important to determine your priorities, what you need, and what you want but are willing to negotiate on. For example, how many bedrooms does the home need to have at minimum? Do you need a large backyard for kids or dogs? Are you a big cooker with a need for a large, updated kitchen? Also, take your future into consideration. What will you need from a house in the future? Will you be growing your family, or taking in elderly parents?

    2.  Don’t forget location! When coming up with your ideal home, don’t forget to take location into account. Too often, a buyer will find a home of their dreams, but when they visit, the location won’t work. So, what matters to you with location? Think about how far from work the house is, how far you’re willing to commute, how close to highways or public transportation it is, the quality of the school system, what local businesses or attractions are in walking distance, what the walking score is for the area, if there are any community amenities included, and so on.

    3.  Find out what you can afford. The next step, or the first step, is meeting with a mortgage lender and finding out what you can afford. Most sellers won’t want to work with you if you aren’t pre-approved, so be sure to do that first. Plus, this will let you know what price range to search in, which will prevent you from a broken heart if you find a home you love but can’t afford.

    4.  Choose your real estate agent! Your Fountain Hills real estate agent can guide you through the entire home-buying process, saving you time, possible heartache and hopefully some money! When you work with me, I can find you homes that meet your criteria and get you in to see them fast, I can share local stats with you so you can see what homes are listing and selling for, I can help you negotiate a great price and so on. In a competitive market, it is much easier to snag your perfect home with an agent by your side!

    If you’ve got questions about the home-buying process, or you’re ready to begin your house hunt in the Fountain Hills real estate market, contact me! I am here to help this summer!

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